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Stephanie Ringel Media

Stephanie Ringel Media is your boutique studio for all creative communication matters. 

We stand out for our skills in content creation, and have in-depth experience in the fields of design, architecture, sustainable entrepreneurship and science.


Selected projects

Corporate communication for architecture project

Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics

Stephanie Ringel Media Manja Guideon Stiftung Buchcover 02
Strategic consulting, Womens health

Manja Gideon Foundation

Stephanie Ringel Media Schoener Wohnen Schweiz 01
Editorial management

Schöner Wohnen Switzerland

Brand consulting, Content development


What you can expect from us

Brands and media

Strategic communications and high-quality journalism. Our knowledge and understanding of both of those fields is an enormous benefit to our clients: whether you want independent reporting or custom messaging for targeted PR, both are an investment in your brand value.

Promoting culture

We see storytelling as a craft. When done right, stories should convey knowledge and pique people’s interest. As one of the oldest cultural practices in the world, storytelling has been bringing people together for millennia. Our job is to ask the right questions.

Guiding innovation

In times of information overload, we act with courage, pragmatism and honesty. Keeping current trends in mind is important, but our top priority is to ensure that our solutions are feasible for your organization.

Meaningful collaborations

How do you connect with the right people – people who will be a positive force for your work, attitude and business model? We know relevant voices in the fields of business, science and culture. We enjoy networking and ensure long-term success.

What our clients say about us

«Collaborations with Stephanie Ringel are target-oriented and professional. She has worked with us as a copywriter and strategist to increase the visibility of and organize our foundation. Thanks to her tireless commitment and endless creativity, I have felt superbly supported.»

Erika Gideon, President of the Manja Gideon Foundation

«Schöner Wohnen Switzerland has evolved beautifully under the leadership of Stephanie Ringel. Since 2013 she has overseen over 100 editions of the magazine and established two new formats, including the “Parlor Talks” series and “Best of Swiss Design” special issue. As far as I’m concerned, she is among the most distinguished media makers in Switzerland.»

Werner Zweifel, Head of Publishing RTL AdAlliance

«Stephanie Ringel stands out for her sharp observational skills. She deftly uses her good network and various platforms to communicate contemporary design work in a sensitive and informative manner.»

Anna Niederhäuser, Swiss Design Awards official, Federal Office of Culture, Switzerland

How can my team and I help you? I look forward to finding out.


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