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Corporate Communication for architecture project • Bern

Strategically moving towards net zero

Sustainability has become a major intergenerational concern. The word itself highlights how we should be supporting one another as a society, thinking about the long-term management of our economy and taking special care of our environment and resources in the process. Switzerland’s Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (BBL), the contracting authority of Building D, is following a jointly defined approach – developed under the leadership of Vera Kämpfen.
Bbl g1 II 30 004 Vera Kaempfen
Corporate Communications • Winterthur

Promoting women’s health with constructive collaborations

The Manja Gideon Foundation has been educating in the field of ovarian cancer for years. And yet again this year, on World Ovarian Cancer Day – May 8, 2023 – the family-run organization will be holding an evening info session with the Zurich Cancer League. The event will take place in Winterthur. Spread the word – knowing the symptoms can save lives, especially with this type of cancer!
Manja Gideon Stiftung x Krebsliga Zerich
Strategy • Milan

Ready to breathe in some fresh air in Milan?

Hope to see you there next week? Starting on Monday 17.04, we will be moving our office to Milan for a few days to report to you live from this year’s Salone del Mobile, a.k.a. Milan Design Week. While there we will be seeing how today’s design world is responding to bigger questions.
Rho Fiera
New corporate design • Zurich

Ringel - the founder and the brand

We saved the good news for spring. Stephanie Ringel Media, founded in 2013, has given itself a new face: with a revamped corporate design and brand new website. To be completely honest, I had discarded the idea of being self-employed for some time.
Logo Ringel sw RGB
Communication • Baden | Milan

Swiss design culture and the key visual of the Salone del Mobile 2023

In mid-January 2023, the largest furniture show in the world, the Salone del Mobile, presented its new communication campaign for this year. When we looked at the posters, we thought immediately of a project that we carried out for the Swiss company Wogg in 2021: a new blend of narrative format and visual communication. Five subjects were chosen and became the protagonists of a storytelling campaign for Wogg before the rollout of their new collection.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Wogg Salone del Mobile 02
Science communication online • International

A new knowledge forum for women, families and experts

The Manja Gideon Foundation teamed up with a scientific advisory board to create a new section of its website dedicated to hereditary ovarian cancer, which is now in the main menu on the homepage. The medically sound background knowledge, paired with information about available services, includes the first in-depth compilation of texts, audiovisual specialist information and resources related to ovarian cancer and hereditary risk in Switzerland.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Manja Gideon Stiftung
Collaboration and communication • Basel

What drives innovation in Switzerland?

The Industrial Design study program at the Institute of Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP) did a collaborative project with Embru-Werke AG in the fall semester 2022/2023. The well-known Swiss furniture maker specializes in furniture for schools, offices, residences and hospitals, and produces its wares in Rueti, a municipality in the canton of Zurich. It is the market leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of hospital furniture.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Embru FHNW
Corporate communication for architecture project • Bern

D-Bulletin Nr. 5/2022 – Economic architecture

Useful. Cost effective. Efficiency enhancing: for sustainability experts, architects and planners, building managers, future users or developers, economic architecture does not mean the same thing. The priorities change depending on the perspective and specific objectives.
Stephanie Ringel Media D Bulletin No5 Patricia Buergi
Magazine relaunch • Switzerland

A new look for Schöner Wohnen Switzerland

Welcome to the redesigned Schöner Wohnen Schweiz! We harnessed the spirit of new beginnings that comes with the start of each year and gave the Swiss edition of the magazine a makeover: it has new fonts, new colors and a new visual concept to better suit current issues.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Cover Schoener Wohnen
Best of Design TA+ST 2022 • Switzerland

Series on Swiss design

On behalf of Schöner Wohnen Switzerland, we surveyed the scene and made a selection of the avant-garde in design, presenting 40 talented young designers and stars who are making a splash in the design world today. Swiss design is undergoing a massive transformation.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Serie Schweizer Design Jonas Noel Niedermann
Corporate communication for architecture project • Bern

D-Bulletin Vol. 4/2022 – Circular Economy

A new edition of the semi-annual D-Bulletin has arrived. In the publication, Switzerland’s Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics sheds light on sustainable building and the world of construction professionals during the building phases for the new Administrative Center D on Guisanplatz in Bern.
Stephanie Ringel Media D Bulletin No4 Kreislaufwirtschaft
Design critique • Zurich

A shop window into Swiss design

As official meeting places within the respective host country, Switzerland’s diplomatic missions abroad also represent the Confederation’s creative output. Many such buildings and their interiors were and are designed by Swiss architects and designers. The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (BBL), which is responsible for diplomatic mission construction projects, wants Switzerland’s physical presence abroad to emanate values such as innovation, precision, quality and open-mindedness.
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Cover Hochparterre
Essay • Baden

Forever on the cutting-edge

The Wogg collection is a steadily growing assortment of strong individual pieces that could hardly be more different from one another. United by their simplicity and sophistication, and untethered by modernity or fashion, the stand-alone pieces give off an air of casual wordly elegance.
Postcards • Zurich

Seeing dementia in a new light

First you can read a short story and find out what Miss Becker has to say. Afterwards, you can cover the postcard in your own writing, send it off and in doing so share something about dementia with others. Poetically and honestly. After all, who only wants to get postcards with artwork or mountain landscapes on them?!
Stephanie Ringel Media R Journal Postkarte Demenz und Poesie 02