Stephanie Ringel Media develops visions, strategies and stories for corporate communication, brand publishing or brand design.

Our work is centered on finding the right format for people and ideas.

We foster agile structures. Depending on the project, we bring together an experienced team of copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, and social media specialists.

Our areas of expertise

We offer strategic consulting services to companies and organizations. For example, we help our clients see the different communication options they can take advantage of. This enables them to successfully communicate topics such as development and innovation, sustainability or leadership on the right channels.

  • Brand and Market Analyses
  • Project management
  • Brand publications
  • Second opinions
  • Coaching
  • Special communication formats: curated exhibitions (anniversary, company history, etc.)
  • Events, talks

Communication means making people want to understand facts, get to know companies, people and products. The challenge is to make the complicated obvious. And the simple intriguing.

Editorial services

  • Development of new media formats
  • Topic planning and implementation
  • Text
  • Creation (art direction, digital, social, print)
  • Copy writing
  • Ghostwriting

Corporate Communication

  • Communication concepts
  • Project communication
  • Brand and product communication
  • Public relations, publicity
  • Concept and content for PR
  • Native ads, advertisements

Publishing services

  • Journalistic content: e.g. magazines, supplements, newsletters
  • Brand reinformcement: e.g. catalogues, business reports, anniversary books
  • Websites
  • Biographies (individuals, companies)
  • Coffee-table books
  • Advertisements, Posters

We foster relationships. That’s how we keep abreast of the times and network you with the best possible partners.

  • Brand meets influencer
  • Innovation as a development factor: today's talents
  • Business – science – culture: learning from one another
  • Keynote talks on e.g. storytelling or Swiss design market & trends
  • Background conversations
  • Field trips

Unsere Kunden


Lufthansa Womans World
Stadt Zürich (ERZ)
Modissa AG
Vögele Kultur Zentrum

Our reach

Innovative national and international companies and organizations. Most clients are decision-makers who are looking for personal collaborations and bespoke solutions for their business. In addition to serving our long-standing clients, we are open to taking on new project-based work in Switzerland and abroad.

What can we do for you?


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