Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics

Sustainability: the guiding principle for modern architecture

The task

Switzerland’s Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (BBL) is building a federal administrative center located on Guisanplatz square in Bern. The office commissioned us to take charge of all communication for the architecture project during the second building phase (2021–2026) as a way of shedding light on the complex undertaking.

Our solution

We developed the corporate communication for the construction project, covering two major topics from the building and architecture world: sustainable building and the skilled labor shortage. The public can see and read about how sustainability criteria of the Swiss Sustainability Building Standard (SNBS) are being implemented over the course of the building phases and which skilled laborers are involved in them.

The foundation and structure of the trilingual project website, the digital D-Bulletin, short videos, photos, on-site inspections and public and media relations are the elements of a wide-reaching communication concept, which included messages we developed with the client as well as a project-specific corporate design.

The project encompasses a remarkable variety of special construction tasks, which offer opportunities for interesting reports on topics other than noise, pollution and traffic jams. The public can take a look behind the fence and participate in one of the biggest government construction projects in the Bern area.


Digital storytelling in the D-Bulletin

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