Manja Gideon Foundation

From inspired idea to influential institution

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The task

After its creation in 2016, the Manja Gideon Foundation asked us to help establish its brand and increase the visibility of the organization. Its mission is to promote ovarian cancer awareness and education, and secure research funding in the field. The rare form of cancer is known as “the silent killer”.

Our solution

The foundation’s founder and namesake was a cosmopolitan woman. She was an enthusiastic patron of cultural projects in art, music and design; open to creativity, other countries and their customs; and interested in science and progress. Her last great idea was the Manja Gideon Foundation.

While she was still alive, Manja Gideon had begun collaborating with Stephanie Ringel on a pictorial biography to document her thoughts, actions and attitudes. Since then, we have been providing support to the charitable foundation in day-to-day operations and strategic development. We were tasked with creating a brand, a brand identity, a strategy and a foundation philosophy. The website is meant to be a growing hub of knowledge with a deeply personal look and feel.

The main idea was to put a face on a little-known disease and present the founder as an advocate. She was not afraid of the spotlight – she is the best possible ambassador.

Our work is to ensure that the Manja Gideon Foundation, with its increasingly specialized range of information (hereditary cancer risk, BRCA), can close a gap in raising awareness about this type of cancer.

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