Best of Design TA+ST 2022 • Switzerland

Series on Swiss design

On behalf of Schöner Wohnen Switzerland, we surveyed the scene and made a selection of the avant-garde in design, presenting 40 talented young designers and stars who are making a splash in the design world today. Swiss design is undergoing a massive transformation.

What matters now? What serves us well in everyday life – and where do we get inspiration or support for our housing and building projects? In spring and early summer 2022, we talked to dozens of designers, interior architects and manufacturers. We wanted to know what they cared about and what they were working on.  

For many, there has been a shift. If international projects were all the rage until two years ago, today there is a growing focus on Switzerland. Creatives have repositioned themselves and now see the domestic market, in all its facets, as their main stage for meaningful design: skilled craftsmanship, local collaborations and regional production are becoming the new standard. 

We put together a Best of Swiss Design issue for the first time in 2017. And now there is a new season: “TA+ST 2022”, featuring 40 of today’s young talents and established stars. It includes some of the same creatives as in the past as well as a number of newly chosen visionaries who are helping reinvent the world for us. Our criteria were innovative strength, approach, sustainability in terms of material use, and a durable formal vocabulary.

TA+ST 2022 was published in the 7 – 9/2022 editions of Schöner Wohnen Switzerland.

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