Hée Swiss Design

Introducing a new type of tea room

Stephanie Ringel Media Light Tree Cover

The task

Ana-Maria and Stephan Hée run a Zurich-based studio for interior design, custom-made furniture and contract furniture. They developed a concept for a tea room called “Light Tree”, for which investors wanted them to create and design a project brochure.

Our solution

At first, all we did was ask questions in order to gain a better understanding of why seasoned designers were daring to enter the complex field of the restaurant business. Knowledge about a project often seems self-evident and gets neglected in the actual communication about the project. One good way to avoid that is by bringing in a fresh, critical outside perspective.

As their sparring partner, we worked with the duo to establish the structure of the project content. Then we wrote all the texts: about the restaurant concept, the team, the company philosophy and the ESG measures.

A first glimpse for investors

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